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A Different Engine

The piece investigates weaving as the foundation of modern technology. This work hovers in a place between theater, art as performers and viewer interaction with sculptural scape. Viewers can wind, pluck, and touch the work. The machine-like objects become extensions of the body. The viewers become part of the machine, and both are in a constant state of flux.

Artist: Silvie Deutsch

62 Miles of Girl Talk

An immersive sculptural installation of 62 miles of guitar strings that is tightly strung from one wall of the room to the other; a gigantic harp that comes in and out of vision. Through repetitive processes from spool winding to welding, the piece investigates a history of “women’s” work. Gender and labor are as fluid and relational as a string; they only are given shape by their shifting attaching points.

Artist: Silvie Deutsch

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