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Martha Carter





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Martha, a Los Angeles-based Lighting Designer, holds the roles of Head of Design and Assistant Professor at California State Long Beach. Her work takes her both nationally and internationally, where she designs lighting for a wide range of performances, including opera, dance, theater, and live events. Martha's enthusiasm for theatre and live performance revolves around collaborating with fellow creatives on productions that inspire positive change within communities. She is also a consistent advocate of inventive, unconventional, and practical solutions believing that the heart of storytelling lies in childlike and creative out-of-the-box thinking.

Martha has a deep passion for dance which has propelled her into the role of principal designer for ReBorn Dance Interactive and Kirros Dance Company and enjoys a regular collaborative relationship with the Long Beach Ballet. Annually, she embarks on a creative journey to Panama City, Panama, working alongside director Edwin Cedeno on their national theater projects. Notable recent accomplishments include the premiere of Three Little Girls Down a Well at The Public Theatre's Under the Radar Festival, the production of Lottie Platchett Took a Hatchet at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, and She Loves Me, Candide, and A Little Night Music at Madison Opera.

Outside her professional pursuits, Martha finds joy in continuous learning, immersing herself in nonfiction reading, and indulging in Sunday football. Her cherished moments include spending time with her baby niece, taking leisurely mid-day walks in Silverlake while enjoying audiobooks, and indulging her culinary creativity by baking delicious bread. She enthusiastically pursues whatever ignites her passion on any given day.

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